About Us

Jj’s Garment Alterations was created in order to help people who find themselves with a garment that is not 100 percent perfect- Our aim is to make this garment perfect, whether it needs to be taken in, or if it has a hole and needs a repair. We are here to help! Our unique service enables us to travel to our clients as well as being able to have clients come to us. You will benefit from a high quality of service, a turnover which suits you and a friendly face to help and advise.

Owner and Founder

Hi, my name is Megan and I’m the founder of Jj’s Garment Alterations, a bespoke alterations company. I studied at the University for Creative Arts, completing their fashion BA (Hons) degree and have since gained valuable experience as a seamstress. I have a passion for fashion, detail and hard work. I decided to set up my own business, to be able to build my own clientele that will always be able to rely on a high standard of work. I have always been interested in fashion, in particular where to buy clothes that are well made and customising items to make them unique and individual. After gaining experience as a seamstress, I feel that my real strength is in tailoring and alterations, I have experience in all forms of alterations ranging from formal dresses to curtains. I also aim to work round my clients to the best of my ability- Which means that if you have unsociable work hours and struggle to fit in time during the day to do these kind of jobs, I will fit you in around work hours.



Bookings are essential due to double booking and also working from a studio in my property.

If you require a home visit, then please do not hesitate to ask.

Parking available at all times at property.